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Airora Pyramid

Airora Pyramid

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Airora Personal

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Airora Pyramid


Airora Pyramid

The iconic Airora Pyramid quietly and efficiently decontaminates all of the air and surfaces in your room, 24/7. Simply plug it in, and instantly start clearing the room of germs, moulds, allergens, pollutants and odours.

With a footprint of less than 31cm (13″) and under 20cm (8″) high, the Airora Pyramid fits discreetly into any home or professional environment and is suitable for rooms up to 80 cubic metres in volume — a typical 6m x 6m (18′ x 18′) room. ​Rooms larger than 80m3 can be serviced by multiple Pyramids or by employing Airora’s high capacity wall / floor mounted product.

The Airora Pyramid also includes access to the Airora Mobile App — empowering you to optimise your comfort and ‘fresh air feeling’. The Airora app enables you to monitor the status and performance of one or more Airora air purifiers in your WiFi network. It also measures the concentration of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in your air, along with temperature and humidity levels, so you can optimise the effectiveness of your ventilation.

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Airora Pyramid

Airora Pyramid is now available to pre-order. For purchase or sales enquiries, please get in touch.

Airora Personal

Breathe safer, cleaner air wherever you go

Airora Personal

The revolutionary Airora Personal wearable air purifier is designed to ensure that you breathe safer, cleaner air wherever you go.

Whether you are commuting, travelling, walking through town, shopping or working, the Airora Personal protects you by continuously ​destroying viruses and bacteria, capturing particulates and allergens, and reducing the gaseous pollutants in the air you breathe.

A triumph of micro-engineering, Airora Personal is the first personal air purifier to combine three technologies — ionic pollution trapping, UVC and Airora’s patented hydroxyl cascade — in a single wearable. Our versatile personal product is stylish, compact, lightweight (less than 100g), and durable (with a six hour extendable and rechargeable battery life).

Available soon

Airora Personal

Airora Personal is coming soon. For purchase or sales enquiries, please get in touch, or register to stay updated with product news and updates.


Airora Wall / Floor range

​​The Airora Wall / Floor (WF) mounted range is designed for larger, busier or more polluted spaces, providing 24/7 whole-space  protection against all​ ​types of types of germs, moulds, allergens and odours and most other irritants and harmful pollutants throughout entire indoor spaces. Our Wall / Floor models employ the latest long-life medical grade Cold Plasma UVC lamps, specifically tuned to have a higher output — creating a high intensity of decontaminating hydroxyls from a remarkably compact footprint.

The WF range consists of models suitable for rooms from 150 up to 450 cubic metres.  Rooms larger than 450 cubic meters can be serviced by any combination of Airora Pyramid and WF products.

Airora indoor products also include access to the Airora Mobile App — enabling remote monitoring of the status and performance of all Airora air purifiers across your entire WiFi network. The Airora app provides actionable data on the concentration of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in your air alongside temperature and humidity levels, helping you to optimise the effectiveness of your ventilation.

Available soon

Airora Wall / Floor

The Airora Wall / Floor range is coming soon. For purchase or sales enquiries, please get in touch, or register for product news and updates.

Uncompromised form & function

Multi award-winning design

Why do most air purifiers look so, well let’s be honest, ‘industrial’?

​The reason is that engineers usually focus on functionality at the expense of good aesthetics. Working with our renowned designers, pdr, we were determined to show that good design, advanced technology and environmental sustainability can be woven together to create not just a functional product but also an attractive one.

Airora Internal Workings

Unparalled performance

Unique patented technology

Only Airora’s proven molecular decontamination technology destroys or neutralises all types of germs, moulds, allergens and odours, plus most other irritants and harmful pollutants, throughout an entire indoor space.

Airora is 1000+ times more effective in removing harmful viruses, bacteria and vegitative mould spores than any filter.

And compared with filter-based air purifiers, Airora …

  • Doesn’t have expensive HEPA or Carbon filters that need replacing regularly. (Airora only needs occasional replacement of the natural plant oils it uses to recreate outdoor air chemistry indoors)
  • Has very low power consumption: less than 20% of the power consumption of typical filter-based products​.
  • Is whisper-quiet — so you don’t have to reduce the cleaning power just to get a good night’s sleep!

Convenience and Optimisation

The Airora Mobile App

The free WiFi-enabled Airora mobile app puts actionable information about your indoor air quality right at your fingertips.

Monitor your Airora devices, wherever you are

Whether you have one Airora product or 50, you can monitor the status and performance of all Airora devices throughout your WiFi network:

  • Check On / Off status
  • Within 30 minutes of switching on an Airora device, see when it reaches its maximum effectiveness
  • Receive notifications when it’s time to replace a device’s consumable of natural plant oils, and order replacements
  • Name each device (e.g., by location) for easy management of multiple devices

Optimise your Comfort

Access hourly data on your indoor air quality over the last 24 hours, so you can take action to improve your ventilation and optimise your ‘fresh air feeling’.

  • Review the carbon dioxide (CO2 level) and compare performance against ideal levels of CO2
  • Monitor humidity levels
  • Monitor room temperature

The Airora mobile app is available as a free download with the Airora Pyramid and Airora Wall/Floor range. Airora indoor products can be used with or without the mobile app.

CorporateLiveWire Innovation Excellence Awards 2023 Winner
Good Design Award Logo
iF Design Award 2021

Airora Recognition

Awards and Accolades

​Airora has received multiple technology and design awards.

Corporate Livewire have presented Airora with its Biotech Firm of The Year 2023 Award for its revolutionary technology.

The independent expert panel of the National Asthma Council Australia have presented the Airora Pyramid with its trusted Sensitive Choice blue butterfly award for the benefit it can bring to people with asthma and allergies.

Sensitive Choice is a not for profit global program extending over 60 countries, so that people with asthma and allergies can look out for the reassuring blue butterfly around the world.

The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, The Chicago Athenaeum Museum ​of Architecture and Design and the iF (International Forum) have all presented the Airora Pyramid with awards for its design excellence.

Trusted technology

Independently verified

During more than a decade of development by Airora and the UK’s Building Research Establishment, the performance of Airora’s technology has been extensively tested, and safety assured, by a wide range of world-class independent laboratories and regulators.