Did you know?

Indoor air is typically five times more polluted than outdoor air

Improving indoor air quality helps reduce the prevalence and severity of Covid-19, especially amongst the elderly.[1]


More than 80 per cent of people living in urban areas are exposed to air quality levels that exceed guidelines set by the World Health Organization.[2]


For many, the development of asthma as a disease starts at home with allergen exposure.[3] If your asthma symptoms are worse indoors it is probably down to common indoor pollutants.[4]


The principal mode by which people get COVID-19 is through exposure to airborne droplets carrying infectious virus.[5]


Breathing VOCs can irritate the eyes, nose and throat, cause breathing difficulties and nausea, and damage the central nervous system as well as other organs.[6]


Among a sample of COPD patients, 77% were exposed to at least one indoor allergen, leading to a 2.3-fold excess risk for exacerbations.[7]

Airora Pyramid

Introducing the stylish, compact and convenient

Airora Pyramid

Only Airora destroys all germs, allergens and odours and most other pollutants and irritants throughout entire indoor spaces.

With a footprint of less than 310cm (13″) and under 20cm (8″) high, the award-winning Airora Pyramid fits discreetly into any home and is suitable for rooms up to 80 cubic metres in volume — a typical 6m x 6m (18′ x 18′) room. ​Larger spaces can be serviced by multiple Pyramids.

Airora’s patented Hydroxyl Cascade quietly and efficiently cleans all of the air and surfaces in your room 24/7. Simply plug it in, and instantly start clearing the room of germs, allergens, pollutants and smells.

Airora Personal Device


Airora Personal

Airora Personal offers indoor protection wherever you go — be it in trains and planes, universities and colleges, cinemas and theatres, galleries, libraries, airports or bus stations … literally anywhere!

Compact, lightweight, stylish, and versatile, the Airora Personal is a remarkable triumph of micro engineering and the first personal air purifier to combine ionic pollution trapping, UVC and Hydroxyl Cascade technologies in a single wearable device.

The Airora Personal protects you by continuously ​destroying viruses and bacteria, capturing particulates and allergens and reducing the gaseous pollutants in the air you breathe.

Simply put

Airora is the future of clean, safe indoor air