Care home residents are particularly vulnerable to infection

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More people in the UK died in care homes than in hospitals due to COVID-19. [1,2]

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For every 1,000 people in their mid-seventies or older who were infected with the COVID-19 virus, approximately one in nine died. [1,2]


In Australia, of those who died from Covid-19 before May 2022, 32% were in residential care homes. [3]


About six million people aged over 65 in England are at high risk of lung damage and asthma attacks as a result of indoor air pollution.[4]


Even before Covid, the EU death rate from respiratory diseases for people aged 65 and over was 38 times higher than those under 65![5]


An increase of just 0.9 parts per million of carbon monoxide air pollution causes a significant increase in cardiovascular hospital admissions in the elderly.[6]

Airora Pyramid

Introducing the stylish, discreet and convenient

Airora Pyramid

Only Airora destroys all germs, allergens and odours and most other pollutants and irritants throughout entire indoor spaces.

With a footprint of less than 310cm (13″) and under 20cm (8″) high, the iconic Airora Pyramid fits discreetly into any care environment and is suitable for rooms up to 80 cubic metres in volume – a typical 6m x 6m (18′ x 18′) room, making it ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms and offices. ​Rooms larger than 80m3, such as dining rooms, lounges and other communal spaces, can be serviced by multiple Pyramids or by employing Airora’s high capacity wall / floor mounted products (coming soon).

Airora’s patented Hydroxyl Cascade quietly and efficiently cleans all of the air and sanitises surfaces in your room 24/7. Simply plug it in, and instantly start clearing the room of germs, allergens, pollutants and smells.

Protect your residents

Nursing and care home benefits

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Bringing the outside, inside

Spending up to 20 hours a day indoors, many elderly residents miss out on the benefits of fresh, clean air.

By emulating nature, Airora recreates that fresh and clean outdoor feeling we all love, indoors.

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Preventing cross-infection

​With many residents having underlying conditions and weakened immune systems, they are at significantly greater risk from harmful viruses and bacteria.

Airora decontaminates all of the air and surfaces, providing real-time protection against person to person airborne infection.


​Improving indoor air quality

Nursing and care homes in urban areas face high levels of outdoor air pollution contaminating the air indoors.

Airora breaks down or neutralises all common VOCs, irritants and allergens, providing clean, safe air for everyone.

Airora is NOT an air filter; it is a 24/7 whole-room air and surface sanitiser that is 1,000+ times more effective than improved ventilation or any type of filter.

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The UK’s SAGE committee assessed in-room air filters and concluded that, irrespective of type, they all take more than an hour to achieve a limited reduction in airborne (and no reduction in surface borne) pathogens.

Airora’s molecular cascade reaction works independently of air movement, and within minutes will kill all types of airborne pathogen throughout a room.


Odour control

​Odours from cooking and cleaning chemicals, as well as airborne traces of ammonia and other waste, can irritate breathing as well as being unpleasant.

Airora quickly and efficiently removes all types of odour, leaving the air smelling fresh and invigorating.


​Resident and family reassurance

The reputation of your facility depends on the positive experiences of patients, residents, and their families.

​​Employing Airora’s cutting-edge technology can help you win the trust of your residents, family members and staff, by ensuring everyone feels safe and protected.

Simply put

Airora is the future of clean, safe indoor air