Protect your family from poor indoor air quality

Indoor air is typically five times more polluted than outdoor air


Improving indoor air quality helps reduce the prevalence and severity of Covid-19, especially amongst the elderly. [1]


The principal mode by which people get COVID-19 is through exposure to airborne droplets carrying infectious virus.[2]


For many, the development of asthma as a disease starts at home with allergen exposure.[3]

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If your asthma symptoms are worse at home it is probably down to common indoor pollutants.[4]


Breathing VOCs can irritate the eyes, nose and throat, cause breathing difficulties and nausea, and damage the central nervous system as well as other organs.[5]


Among a sample of COPD patients, 77% were exposed to at least one indoor allergen, leading to a 2.3-fold excess risk for exacerbations.[6]

Airora Pyramid

Introducing the stylish, compact and convenient

Airora Pyramid

Only Airora destroys all germs, allergens and odours and most other pollutants and irritants throughout entire indoor spaces.

With a footprint of less than 310cm (13″) and under 20cm (8″) high, the award-winning Airora Pyramid fits discreetly into any home and is suitable for rooms up to 80 cubic metres in volume — a typical 6m x 6m (18′ x 18′) room. ​Larger spaces can be serviced by multiple Pyramids.

Airora’s patented Hydroxyl Cascade quietly and efficiently cleans all of the air and sanitises surfaces in your room 24/7. Simply plug it in, and instantly start clearing the room of germs, allergens, pollutants and smells.

Airora for your Home

The benefits


Improved air quality

Filters only remove germs between the input and output of the device. Therefore, the majority of the room will still be contaminated.

Airora is NOT an air filter; it is a 24/7 whole-room air and surface sanitiser that is 1,000+ times more effective than improved ventilation or any type of filter.

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Family protected

Germs can easily and quickly transfer between people within close proximity.

Airora creates a molecular cascade reaction, which forms a real time person to person airborne infection protection and takes only minutes to kill all types of airborne germs throughout a room.


Whole room air and surface steriliser

Filters are not designed to sanitise room surfaces (like kitchen countertops) or remove odours.

Airora simultaneously and continuously sanitises all surfaces, neutralises allergens and removes gaseous pollution, irritants and odours!

Simply put

Airora is the future of clean, safe indoor air.