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The evidence

Independently verified

During more than ten years’ development by Airora and the UK’s Building Research Establishment, the performance of Airora technology has been extensively tested and safety assured by a wide range of world-class independent laboratories and regulators, including:

  • The UK Government’s Health and Safety Laboratory
  • The UK Building Research Establishment’s Indoor Air Quality Team and Laboratories
  • FDA Accredited Laboratory, Rochester, New York State
  • The UK Government’s Health Protection Agency (Public Health England)
  • Campden BRI
  • The Universities of York, Leeds, Ottawa and Cardiff Metropolitan
  • The Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM)
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Next Generation

Decontamination Technology

Only Airora’s groundbreaking molecular air and surface decontamination technology destroys or neutralises all types of germs, moulds allergens and odours and most other irritants and harmful pollutants throughout an entire room.

All traditional air purifiers — from domestic to medical grade products — are filter based and share the same major flaws: they only clean the small amount of air that passes through them (not all of the ever-changing air in a room), they don’t decontaminate surfaces, and they are ineffective against most types of pollution.

Indeed, a comprehensive recent review by the University of East Anglia of a wide a range of filter types, in applications ranging from air conditioning to portable units, found no evidence that such filter devices prevent transmission of respiratory or gastrointestinal diseases.

Airora is not a filter, Airora is a hydroxyl diffuser. Airora uniquely creates a natural cascade of molecular reactions that spreads through an entire room in seconds, destroying or neutralising all types of germs, moulds, allergens and odours and most other irritants and harmful pollutants throughout entire indoor spaces.

Airora’s patented technology achieves this by replicating natural outdoor air chemistry, which makes it intrinsically people-safe — so you can use it 24/7 to continuously maintain a healthy and fresh indoor environment.

Airora is truly the future of safe, healthy indoor spaces.

Airora's benefits

Continuous protection from infection and pollution

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Kills ALL types of germs

Destroys ALL types of harmful viruses, bacteria and vegitative mould spores – including coronaviruses.

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And not just germs

Destroys or neutralises all types of allergens, VOCs, odours and most other pollutants & irritants.

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Airora’s Hydroxyl Cascade technology has been independently measured killing 99.9999% of airborne viruses throughout a room in 5 minutes.

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Continuous whole-room cleaning

Decontaminates all the air and surfaces throughout a whole room or building, 24/7.

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Creates a natural infection barrier

Creates an effective person to person shield against airborne infection.

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NOT a filter, far more effective

1000+ times more effective at preventing infections than any type of air filter.

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Low energy and whisper-quiet

Convenient,  compact, energy-efficient and whisper-quiet.

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Air quality data at your fingertips

With the Airora Wifi-enabled mobile app, monitor all of your Airora devices as well as the air quality.

The product range

Meet the multi award-winning designs

Airora Personal Device

Airora Personal

Breathe safer, cleaner air wherever you go.

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Airora Pyramid

Airora Pyramid

Stylish and convenient — for work and home.

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Airora Wall / Floor

Wall / floor mounted ​models for larger spaces.

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Airora Internal Workings

Patented hydroxyl cascade technology

We have great (air) chemistry

Airora replicates natural outdoor air chemistry.
Outdoor air and surfaces are naturally and continuously decontaminated by Hydroxyl Cascades. It’s what makes fresh air fresh! Airora’s patented air and surface decontamination technology recreates a Hydroxyl Cascade indoors. Airora’s molecular cascade reaction spreads hydroxyls throughout a room in seconds, thoroughly and continuously decontaminating all of the air and surfaces.

The impact on health

Everyone, everywhere, benefits from clean and safe indoor air

Indoor air is typically five times more polluted than outdoor air, putting our health at risk. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, scientific research has shown that high-traffic indoor spaces also present the highest risk of infection, and that airborne virus can remain active for at least 16 hours.

From homes to hospitals, at work and leisure, experience the benefits of a cleaner, healthier indoor environment with Airora.

Our origins

Imagined by NASA, delivered by Airora

In the early 20th century, scientists and medical practitioners recognised the beneficial effects of ‘Open Air Factor’, but the air chemistry behind this phenomenon remained a mystery for decades.

NASA was one of the first to recognise the amazing cleansing power of hydroxyls, which could be used to remove air pollution on deep space missions. However, NASA’s technology was only designed for sealed spacecraft.

Airora’s scientists were inspired to go even further: Only Airora’s unique Hydroxyl Diffuser technology brings the same decontamination benefits that NASA discovered, to entire indoor spaces back here on Earth.

Airora is the future of clean, safe indoor air.