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The Airora ‘Pyramid’ Tabletop 

Model TP80-1



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1 Packaging and contents

2 Specifications

3 Getting to know your Airora Tabletop

3.1 Maximum and minimum room sizes

3.2 Indicator lamps

4 Important safety information

4.1 General safety

4.2 Use and care

5 Before first use

5.1 Locating your Airora Tabletop

5.2 Attaching the power lead

5.3 Installing the terpene bottle and diffuser

6 Operating your Airora Tabletop

6.1 Knowing when to replace the terpene bottle

6.2 Replacing a depleted terpene bottle

7 Connecting to the Airora mobile app

8 Routine maintenance

8.1 General

8.2 Keep the inlet filter clean and unobstructed

9 Troubleshooting

9.1 ‘Fault’ warnings

10 Customer support

11 Warranty information

11.1 Your Airora guarantee

11.2 Claiming against your Airora guarantee

12 Recycling and disposal

13 Important data protection policy and privacy information

14 Declaration of Conformity


Welcome to your Airora Tabletop Air Purifier

1         Packaging and contents

1 x Airora Tabletop air purifier

1 x Plug in transformer and lead

1 x Replaceable bottle of terpene and diffuser cap

1 x User Manual

Your Airora Tabletop comes with packaging that protects it against damage during transportation. Retain the packaging until you are sure that all parts are present, and it is functioning properly. Please recycle the packaging responsibly afterwards.

2         Specifications

Power Consumption



3.25A, 12V

Supply Voltage

110 - 240V

Fan sound power level

< 30dB(A)

Net Weight




3         Getting to know your Airora Tabletop

3.1   Maximum and minimum room sizes

The Airora Tabletop is designed to operate optimally in rooms from 25 cubic m (875 cubic ft) up to 80 cubic m (2800 cubic ft) - a typical 5.7m x 5.7m (18’ x 18’) room.

Where ventilation is poor, we advise that your Airora Tabletop should not be used in rooms smaller than 40 cubic m (1400 cubic ft).  

Rooms larger than the specified maximum volume can be serviced by multiple units.

3.2   Indicator lamps

The two indicator lights on the side of your Airora Tabletop are used to indicate:


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power on / off

terpene status

4         Important safety information

      Read this operating manual carefully before you use your Airora Tabletop.

      Use your Airora Tabletop only as described in this operating Manual.

4.1   General safety

  • WARNING: This appliance contains UV-C emitting lamps. UV radiation is dangerous for the eyes and skin. Do not operate the UV emitter with the lamp cover removed.
  • Your Airora Tabletop is not intended for use by children or persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they are supervised by a person responsible for their safety.
  • Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the Airora Tabletop or treat it as a toy.
  • Ensure that replacement terpene bottles are stored securely and safely away from children.
  • Do not insert your finger or any object into openings or the inlet grille. 
  • Do not dismantle your Airora Tabletop or carry out any maintenance other than that shown in this manual.
  • Check if the voltage indicated on the external transformer corresponds to the local power voltage before you connect the Airora Tabletop.
  • Ensure the plug fits properly into a suitable power outlet.
  • Do not handle any part of the plug or Airora Tabletop with wet hands.
  • Do not operate your Airora Tabletop with a damaged cable, transformer or plug. If the supply cable or transformer is damaged, it must be replaced by Airora or a properly qualified person to avoid a hazard.
  • Do not stretch the cable or place the cable under strain. Keep the cable away from heated surfaces.
  • Do not route the cable under furniture. Do not cover the cable with throw rugs, runners or similar coverings. Arrange the cable away from any traffic area and where it will not be tripped over.
  • Do not unplug by pulling on the cable. To unplug, grasp the plug, not the cable. 
  • Do not use in conjunction with, or directly next to, an air freshener or similar products. Keep solvents and other chemicals away from your Airora Tabletop.
  • Do not place your Airora Tabletop on soft surfaces such as a bed or sofa. 
  • Caution: Your Airora Tabletop does not replace the need for Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitoring, nor does it remove Radon Gas (Rn).
  • Whenever removing or otherwise handling the terpene bottle, if any liquid is transferred to your hands or any surfaces, remove the terpene from the surface using a damp cloth and wash your hands thoroughly.

4.2   Use and care

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      To be fully effective your Airora Tabletop is designed to run constantly 24 hours a day.

      Do NOT repeatedly turn your Airora Tabletop off and then back on as this damages the UVC lamps and can seriously reduce their efficiency and lifetime.

      Do NOT move your Airora Tabletop while it is switched on.

      Do NOT tilt your Airora Tabletop on its side or upside down while the terpene bottle is installed.

      Do NOT cover your Airora Tabletop or impede the airflow in any way.

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  • If your Airora Tabletop is not working as it should, has received a sharp blow, has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors, or dropped into water, do not use. Contact Airora for help.
  • Do not use any cleaning agents or lubricants on this air purifier. Unplug before cleaning or carrying out any maintenance.
  • Do not use with the inlet filter in the base blocked; keep the filter free of dust, lint, hair, and anything that may reduce airflow.
  • Always carry your Airora Tabletop by its  base in its upright position.
  • Your Airora Tabletop should only be used in rooms with temperatures between 14°F and 104°F (-10°C and 40°C).
  • Do not place your Airora Tabletop where it is in direct sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Unplug your Airora Tabletop from the socket when not in use for extended periods. To avoid a tripping hazard, safely coil the cable.
  • Only use genuine Airora replacement terpene bottles as they contain a proprietary terpene mix. 
  • When moving your Airora from one place to another keep it upright, or temporarily remove the terpene bottle, to avoid any chance of terpene leakage.
  • If you are placing your Airora in a box or similar for transportation, first remove the terpene bottle and store it in the upright position to ensure that no leakage occurs.

5         Before first use

5.1   Locating your Airora Tabletop

In deciding where to position your Airora Tabletop, please follow both the relevant Important Safety Information above and the following location requirements:

  • Locate your Airora Tabletop on a flat, level, hard surface with the status lights clearly visible. 
  • To prevent possible interference, place your Airora Tabletop at least 2 metres (6 feet) away from electrical devices that use radio waves such as TVs, radios, and radio-controlled clocks.
  • Always position your Airora Tabletop such that there is enough space around it to ensure good air flow. Allow a minimum 30 cm (12 inches) of clearance above your Airora Tabletop. 
  • Do not place your Airora Tabletop directly below an air conditioner outlet, as this may result in moisture dripping into your Airora Tabletop.
  • Do not use outdoors or on wet surfaces and do not expose to water or rain. Do not immerse in water or liquids. 
  • Do not use in a room with major indoor temperature changes as this may cause condensation to build up inside your Airora Tabletop. 
  • Do not use near naked flames, fireplaces, stoves or other high temperature heat sources.

5.2   Attaching the power lead

Plug the low voltage lead from the plug-in transformer into the power socket on the inside face of the front right side leg of your Airora Tabletop and the transformer into a suitable powered electrical outlet. If the power outlet is switched, ensure the power is turned on.

5.3   Installing the terpene bottle and diffuser

An initial bottle of terpene and its associated diffuser are supplied with your Airora Tabletop and should be installed in accordance with the instructions provided. 

The terpene bottle will last for up to 3 months before it becomes depleted and must be replaced. 

6         Operating your Airora Tabletop

Touch the On/Off switch  to switch your Airora Tabletop ‘on’. (Touching the switch again will turn your Airora Tabletop ‘off’.) 

  • When your Airora Tabletop is first switched on the power indicator status light will light up and the terpene dispenser will visibly emit its first vapourised terpene plume to confirm the bottle has been correctly installed.
  • For an initial period (typically up to 24 hours) after a new terpene bottle is installed, you may be able to smell the aroma of the lavender component of the terpene, this is entirely normal.
  • To ensure high performance your Airora Tabletop should be left switched on 24/7.
  • For the full description of the status lights, refer to Troubleshooting below.

6.1   Knowing when to replace the terpene bottle

Airora’s terpene bottles contain sufficient terpene to last for at least three months of continuous use.

With the power switched on, the status of the terpene bottle is indicated by the terpene status indicator 

  • If the  indicator is brightly lit, a compatible terpene bottle has been detected and your Airora Tabletop is working normally.
  • If the  indicator is dimly lit, the installed bottle has only limited terpene left, make sure you have a replacement available! 
  • If the  indicator is flashing, the terpene bottle is fully depleted and requires replacement. The Airora will cease operating until a new terpene bottle is installed.

When the current terpene bottle is at its end of life the air purifier will automatically switch off internally until a replacement terpene bottle is installed.

It is normal for there to be a small quantity of residual terpene in the terpene bottle when it is removed to be replaced.

6.2   Replacing a depleted terpene bottle 

Only replace terpene bottles with your Airora Tabletop upright and switched off.  

You can find out where to obtain replacement terpene bottles at The bottle replacement kit will include all necessary instructions.

7         Connecting to the Airora mobile app

The free Wi-Fi enabled Airora+ mobile app puts actionable information about your Airora and the indoor air quality right at your fingertips.

Whether you have one or more Airora products, you can monitor the status and performance of them all, in one place, throughout your Wi-Fi network:

  • Check On / Off status.
  • Within 30 minutes of switching on an Airora device, see when it reaches its maximum effectiveness.
  • Receive notifications when it’s time to replace a device’s consumable of natural plant oils, and order replacements.
  • Name each device (e.g., by location) for easy management of multiple devices.

Access hourly data on your indoor air quality over the last 24 hours, so you can take action to improve your ventilation and optimise your ‘fresh air feeling’.

  • Review the carbon dioxide (CO2 level) and compare performance against ideal levels of CO2.
  • Monitor humidity levels.
  • Monitor room temperature.

The Airora+ app is available from the App Store or Google Play.

Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to create a new account.

To reset your Pyramid to a new Wi-Fi, hold down the on/off button on your Pyramid for 5 seconds.

Airora products can be used with or without the mobile app.

8         Routine maintenance

8.1   General

Disconnect from the power supply and keep your Airora Tabletop in an upright position.

  • Wipe down the housing with a soft, clean cloth. 
  • Do not immerse your Airora Tabletop in water or liquid detergents.
  • If necessary, wipe the housing with a clean damp cloth, then immediately dry the housing with a separate clean cloth.

8.2   Keep the inlet filter clean and unobstructed

The inlet filter in the base of your Airora Tabletop is designed to help keep the inside of your Airora Tabletop clean and operating at optimum efficiency. 

The inlet filter can become partially blocked by dust, lint, hair, and anything else drawn in from the air that may reduce airflow. 

The rate at which the inlet filter becomes blocked depends on local conditions and it is recommended that it be inspected regularly and cleaned as necessary.

Removing the inlet filter

Disconnect the Pyramid from the power supply. 

Temporarily remove the terpene bottle to avoid any chance of leakage. 

The inlet filter is held in place by magnets and should be gently removed. 

Cleaning the inlet filter

      Use a soft brush to remove loose dust and debris before using a vacuum hose to suction remaining loose material from the filter.

If the inlet filter remains partially obstructed:

      With the filter net uppermost, let water from a tap run through the filter in the opposite direction of the air flow to dislodge and wash away any remaining material. Allow the filter to air dry completely before re-installing.

Re-installing the inlet filter

Replace the inlet filter, in the same location it was before removal, so that the magnets hold it in place. 

Reconnect the power supply.

9         Troubleshooting

Indicator Lamps







Airora Tabletop operating normally.




Only limited terpene remains before the terpene bottle needs replacing.

Ensure you have a replacement terpene bottle available.



Terpene bottle fully depleted, device automatically stops operating.

Replace terpene bottle.



Your Airora Tabletop has detected a fault.

See 9.1 Below



Switched off / no power supply.

If the on / off switch is inoperative check the power supply.

9.1   ‘Fault’ warnings

While fault warnings are extremely rare, the most likely causes are either:

      The fan input filter or the fan itself have become partially blocked / obstructed and need cleaning.

Clean the inlet filter as described above.

      One or more internal UVC lamps have failed.

Replacement lamps can be obtained from Airora.

If cleaning the air inlet and / or replacing the lamps fails to correct the fault, either contact customer support or refer to your guarantee as set out below.

10    Customer support

If you are having any difficulties with your Airora Tabletop, or have any questions, please contact us by email at or by writing to us at the address given below.

11    Warranty information

11.1         Your Airora guarantee

Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase, as this will be required to validate any guaranteed repair in the future.

Your new Airora Tabletop comes with a 1 year parts and labour guarantee. Upgrade to 2 years (an additional year) for free by registering your product at with 30 days of purchase.

The Airora guarantee covers the repair or replacement of your Airora Tabletop, or a refund of the price of the product, or other compensation for the remainder of the guarantee period, if it is found to be defective due to faulty materials or workmanship within a 12 month parts and labour guarantee.

If the device or any part is no longer available, Airora will replace it with a functionally equivalent device or part. The guarantee applies only if your Airora air purifier has been used strictly in accordance with this operating manual.

Your statutory rights are not affected by this guarantee.

Go to the Airora website to view details of the Airora guarantee.

11.2         Claiming against your Airora guarantee

Go to the Airora website to learn how to return your faulty product.

12    Recycling and disposal

It is normal for there to be a small quantity of residual terpene in the terpene bottle when it is removed to be replaced. The terpene is entirely plant based and can be safely disposed of in the same way as food.

Where suitable facilities are available, used terpene bottles should be recycled/disposed of separately from normal household waste for recycling. 

Airora air purifiers are carefully made to be recyclable at their end-of-life in accordance with the European WEEE and RoHS regulations. As your Airora air purifier is categorised as ‘electronic waste’ under those regulations and should be recycled accordingly. 

13    Important data protection policy and privacy information

You own your data and we’re committed to keeping it private. It’s our responsibility to protect your files from unauthorised access. We’ve designed and implemented policies to safeguard the collection, use and disclosure of your information. You can find out more at the Airora website

14    Declaration of Conformity


Hydroxyl Technologies Limited

Suite LP36359
20-22 Wenlock Road
London N1 7GU

Declare under our sole responsibility that the product: 

Product name: Airora Tabletop Air Purifier

Model no: Airora TP80

Is in conformity with the essential requirements of the following EU Directives:  

2014/30/EU, 2012/19/EU, 2011/65/EU, 2014/35/EU 

Date of Issue:


Authorised Person:

, Technical Director.


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This product incorporates technology protected by patents and other intellectual property rights of Hydroxyl Technologies Limited. Reverse engineering and disassembly are prohibited.

Copyright © 2023 Hydroxyl Technologies Limited

Airora® is a registered trademark of Hydroxyl Technologies Limited

Manufactured under licence for Hydroxyl Technologies Ltd. 

This manual complies with the International Standard IEC 87029 ‘Preparation of Instructions for Use’